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My most treasured compliment I’ve received as a photographer is:


“You’ve just captured

her essence; it’s just so her!


This is what draws me to child photography—the ability to freeze time and remember the big expressions and personalities of small children.  From the drowsy newborn days, to the whole-body smiles of a baby, to the spunky curiosity of a toddler— children grow and change so rapidly.  Photography allows you to keep and remember all of that.

My formal education is in computational neuroscience, so I certainly enjoy the technical aspects of photography that make photos POP.  But more importantly, I have a profound appreciation of and respect for the developing brain and person.  Babies and kids are incredible people.  Let’s celebrate them through portraiture!

I am a mother of two.  I know firsthand that kids are the least predictable photography subjects!  So come as you are; do NOT stress about the diaper blowouts and tantrums and unpredictable moods of young people.  I’ve seen it all; I promise it won’t phase me :)  We will take our time, relax, and create photos you will love <3



My style combines the emotion and spontaneity of lifestyle photography with the technical features of more traditional portraiture.


About Sonya G

Photographer, neuroscientist, mother, musician

Loves: babies, San Francisco, home improvement projects, languages

Favorite spots in Rochester: Quarry Hill, Forager, Squash Blossom Farm, Steam, Downtown Farmers Market